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Don't Allow One Mistake to Wreck Your Credit Score

Get started on the credit repair process in Pennsylvania, Florida, & Texas

With a million thoughts running around in your head, it's not surprising that you forgot to make a payment. Keep that one mistake from ruining your credit score by arranging for credit repair services from the JFT Group. We understand that things can slip your mind from time to time. That's why we'll work with you to repair the damage caused by the oversight.

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Contact us today to make an appointment. We provide credit repair services to residents of Pennsylvania, Florida, & Texas and we provide video consultations to anyone in the 50 states.

Restore your credit in 5 simple steps

Seeing your credit score take a dive is scary. But you can raise it again with the help of the knowledgeable team at the JFT Group.

We'll guide you through the five stages of credit repair:
  • Call the three credit agencies.
  • Request your free annual credit report.
  • Make a copy of the reports and describe all the items on the report.
  • Fax the reports and descriptions to our office.
  • Choose a date for your monthly payment.

Call now to schedule a credit repair consultation. We're conveniently located in Pennsylvania, Florida, & Texas.