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Another satisfied client.

March 24, 2019

One of our clients which was in business for over four years was engaged in several different lines of work. Car sales, car repair shops, bars, and restaurants.

All suffered from a common thread no knowledge of how to operate a business from the bookkeeping and accounting Tax services. The client after operating in this manner for many years and relying on people without the knowledge or the depth of scope to set up and maintain all the necessary aspects created a disastrous situation for this client.

After meeting JFT Group we excepted the challenge reproduced four years of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, tax agency, tax abatement, unemployment issue, sales tax issues, and so on every possible issue. All of this went on for seven different companies.

After one year of 3 months, the project ended. The project ended very favorable to the client, the client was able to avoid paying over $400,000 in taxes and penalties and our final cost per company, per month for accounting and bookkeeping range from $375 to $750 (including new payroll for 2 of the firms) a month this is truly an amazing story the client came out 100% in the clear.

Penalties and interest were waived I was able to preserve the clients' integrity and everything was able to move on a true win-win circumstance.

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