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About JFT Group

The JFT Group is the one-stop shop for accounting, finance, and tax services dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for the best price possible to business owners and individuals alike. Even though the JFT has been open since 2012, its fearlessly dedicated founder John Tornese has had over 40 years in the industry that he utilizes with each customer to ensure every case is handled with tact and precision. Growing up in upstate New York, Tornese began working from a very young age which helped shape his views about the value of hard work and education. Since then, John Tornese has dedicated his professional career to upholding those values by providing his clients with all of the resources and assets to guarantee their success. The JFT group exemplifies this attitude by prioritizing their client's experience over all other aspects of business by always offering the combination of tailored customer service and affordably priced products.

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